Dragon Sic Bo

A new SIC BO with a golden dragon motif played with three dice. Wins are determined by combinations of three dice. On each dice, the “1” pip showing a dragon symbol indicates the availability of progressive. When the dice lands on the dragon symbol, there is a chance to win a jackpot with a dice roll of 2 or more dragons. Player has the power to choose their own multiplier.

Lucky Sic Bo

Lucky Sic Bo™ – Differing from the traditional game, each station is equipped with a SHOOTER BUTTON allowing the player to shoot the dice. Additionally, wins can be doubled with the DOUBLE SPOT feature and 3 progressives are available with the SIDE BET feature.

Shoot To Win Craps

Shoot To Win Craps™ – This player-initiated CRAPS game recreates all the betting zones of the traditional table game. With easily understood HELP menu and BET screens, all players ranging from beginner to expert can enjoy this popular game.


Multi-Terminal Gaming Machines

Our multi-terminal machines spice up casinos with their sophisticated cabinet designs and grandiose scale. Computer Graphic dealers, brought to life in high definition using the latest technology, effectively recreate the look and feel of actual table games. Exciting sound and illumination effects provide players with a feast for the senses.

Aruze’s motto, “Designed to Engage Players”, is evident in every Electronic Table Game in its portfolio. From the ability to ‘shoot’ the dice, ‘spin’ the Big Wheel, ‘squeeze’ the cards in Baccarat or ‘spin’ the Roulette ball.