New & Upcoming Games

ARUZE is focused on innovation and our product line is always growing to expand the game choices we provide in order to meet the needs of your business.

Check here often for information on our latest technology. 

New Games


999.9 Gold Wheel Diamond Allure

999.9 Gold Wheel Diamond Glamour

999.9 Gold Wheel Dream Fortune Casino Hits

999.9 Gold Wheel Dream Fortune Showbiz Glitz

Cha-Ching Cash – Drive-in Riches

Cha-Ching Cash – Lone Sheriff

Cha-Ching Cash – Outback Riches

Cha-Ching Cash – Year of Happiness

Diamond Chance Spin Cash Paradise

Diamond Chance Spin Repeat 7’s Dynamite

Diamond Chance Spin Rising Eagle

Fu Lai Cai Lai – 5 Sea Legends

Fu Lai Cai Lai – Stack Wild Luxury

Fu Lai Cai Lai – Triple Festival

Moonshine Jackpot

Sizzling Wheel Flamenco Desire

Sizzling Wheel   Mighty Tiger

Sunfire Jackpot

Thunder Storm Diamond Noir

Thunder Storm Gilded Treasures

Wheels Go Round – Bull

Wheels Go Round – Orb Legend

Wheels Go Round – Sun Dynasty

Wheels Go Round – Tiger

Xtreme Explosion

Xtreme Tornado



Coming Soon!


999.9 Gold Wheel Big 5

999.9 Gold Wheel Bull

Feature Streak Dragon

Feature Streak Lion

Leap to Riches Golden Bucks

Leap to Riches Sevens Up

Orb Hunter Fu Xian

Orb Hunter Lu Xian

Orb Hunter Shou Xian

Supreme Dragon

Supreme Dragon Boost

The Brave Spirit

The Great Tiki

Wheel of Prosperity Dragon






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