Blue Wings Character



Aruze® is proud to introduce the first 5- Reel Innovator™ that allows players to win up to two jackpots at once. BLUE WINGS™ has 5 pay lines and is played at a recommended denomination of HKD 0.1 with a minimum of 30 credits. Regardless of the bet, players can win the BLUE JACKPOT and RED JACKPOT at the same time, yet another proof of Aruze’s ability to engage its players. When the CHANCE symbol appears on reel 3, BLUE BIRD CHANCE is triggered and the wheel is spun to determine the number of free games. Free games range from 6 to 15 free games. During the BLUE BIRD CHANCE, different reels are used and the dancing reels feature can be randomly triggered, letting players and on-lookers enjoy the vibrant play of colors and graphics. When 5 of each MAN and WOMAN symbols line up on the reels, double up the fun and excitement because you just won the DOUBLE JACKPOT.

Reel Configuration

5-Reel Stepper Slot


5 Lines


HKD 0.1

Max Bet

150, 300, 450, 600

Product Type