Extreme Tortoiseâ„¢



In East Asian culture, the Tortoise symbolizes good luck and wealth.  Now you can experience the power of the EXTREME TORTOISE for yourself!  This game is packed with auspicious powers and good fortune.  Powered by CUBE-X VIDEO, EXTREME TORTOISE will bestow it’s wealth upon you.


  • 5-Reel, 3- Row Video Slot
  • In the jackpot feature, 4 types of dragons are hidden behind 14 coins
  • When 4 matching dragons have been revealed, the corresponding jackpot is won and the feature ends

Reel Configuration

5-Reel 3-Row Video Slot


EVERY WAY (243 Ways)



Max Bet

440, 880, 1320, 1760

Product Type

Cube-X Video