Rock Paper Scissors™ – Instant Win

ROCK PAPER SCISSORS™  INSTANT WIN:  From simple hand game to leveled-up Wheel Prize excitement. Win at Rock Paper Scissors to get one of the Wheel Prizes. A tie result will step up your prize level. Five prize levels are available on the Prize Wheel, including two jackpots!

Go Go Claw™ – Gold Bars

GO GO CLAW™  Gold Bars:  Part of Aruze’s Active Play game line, this innovative game reimagines the player’s casino experience. In this unexpected blend of arcade and casino style play, a physical claw is used to attempt to place one of the prize balls in the collection bin, where (hopefully) a jackpot is unveiled. This lively and innovative take on a traditional slot machine captures the attention of all who encounter it.

Go Go Claw™ – Cash Grab

GO GO CLAW™  CASH GRAB:  Try to grasp prize ball and hold on tight to win big money.
The value of all prize balls is determined in an onscreen animation at the start of
the game. Then, players use a joystick or touchscreen controls to position a grasping
claw over a prize field filled with prize balls within a configurable time limit. If a prize
ball is successfully deposited into the win box, the ball prize is won.