Golden Club

Feel the energy and wealth of GOLDEN CLUB™.  This game is powered by G-Series™, making it an exciting and fulfilling experience for the player. GOLDEN CLUB™ has everything from the enticing visuals to the immersive gameplay.  The full package for any gamer, experienced or not.


  • There is a chance the JACKPOT FEATURE may be triggered when the key symbol appears
  • In the JACKPOT FEATURE, 4 types of jewels are hidden behind 14 coins
  • When 4 matching jewels have been revealed, the corresponding JACKPOT is won and the feature ends
* The contents introduced in this page may slightly differ depending on the jurisdictions.

Reel Configuration

5-Reel 3-Row Video Slot


Every Way (243 Ways)



Max Bet

440, 880, 1320, 1760

Product Type

G • Series


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