Coat of Arms Guardianâ„¢

COAT OF ARMS GUARDIAN, Guard the realm of wealth with the beautiful, yet extremely powerful guardian.  This captivating game will have the player in complete serenity.  Being powered by Cube-X Video, COAT OF ARMS GUARDIAN’s beautiful graphics are presented on a 23” state-of-the-art touchscreen. 


  • 5-Reel, 3-Row Video Slot

  • Different reels are used during free games

  • During the free games, one additional free game is awarded for each wild that appears on reels 2, 3 and 4

* The contents introduced in this page may slightly differ depending on the jurisdictions.

Reel Configuration

5-Reel 3-Row Video Slot


Every Way (243 Ways)



Max Bet

200, 400, 600, 800

Product Type

Cube-X Video


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