Ancient Wheel Panda

ANCIENT WHEEL PANDA brings the riches of the jungle. Featuring a free games number drawing awarding up to 200 free games with increased top symbol and the ANCIENT WHEEL JACKPOT FEATURE with 4 progressive levels.

  • ANCIENT WHEEL uses up to 2 wheels to randomly determine 1 prize only.
  • The outer wheel is spun once only and either determines a credit prize or triggers a jackpot selection conducted on the inner wheel.
  • If the pointer on the outer wheel indicates jackpot, the inner wheel automatically spins to determine the jackpot won.



* The contents introduced in this page may slightly differ depending on the jurisdictions.

Reel Configuration

5-Reel 3-Row Video Slot


30, 40, 50, 80, 100


Max Bet


Product Type

Cube-X Vertical


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