Moonshine Jackpot

MOONSHINE JACKPOT, the riches of your dreams rise in the enchanting blue light. Trigger the bonus and increase a multiplier during the free games that is applied to a prize determined by a special wheel after the free games. Also, large bonus prizes may be won in the free games and multiple jackpots may be won on the prize wheel.

  • During the free games, each bonus symbol increases the PRIZE WHEEL multiplier by 1 or pays a bonus prize when the multiplier is increased to the max limit 20x.
  • If the wheel indicates a jackpot win, the corresponding jackpot amount displayed is won and the wheel spins again.
  • The PRIZE WHEEL multiplier obtained in the free games applies to the credit prize selected by the PRIZE WHEEL only.


* The contents introduced in this page may slightly differ depending on the jurisdictions.

Reel Configuration

5-Reel 3-Row Stepper Slot




Max Bet


Product Type

Cube-X Innovator Deluxe


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