Aruze Gaming Previews New and Fan Favorite Games at NIGA 2022

Preview of Exciting Games from Aruze That Will Drive Unique Casino Gaming Experiences

LAS VEGAS — April 12, 2022 — Aruze Gaming America, Inc. (AGA), a leading developer of gambling entertainment solutions for the global casino market, today announced a preview of its new game lineup ahead of NIGA 2022. The lineup features new titles & new gaming experiences, along with some of Aruze’s most popular, fan favorite games.

Aruze’s gaming innovation focuses on drawing in new players and keeping them engaged with fun and innovative takes on traditional classics like Go Go Claw and Lucky Roulette. Casinos need to continually offer a portfolio of games that offer a new experience, drawing on familiarity while also leveraging new technologies to create active gameplay and new playstyles.  Aruze’s extensive collection of compelling game titles provides fun for everyone.

“We are excited about the games we’re featuring at NIGA this year, as they show our commitment to player experiences that engage and excite while bringing our operators the reliability and trust that is synonymous with Aruze,” said Rob Zeims, President, Aruze Gaming America. 

Aruze game titles to be featured at NIGA 2022 include:

Go Go Claw – Cash Grab: Part of Aruze’s Active Play game line, Go Go Claw, Cash Grab reimagines the player’s casino experience. In this unexpected blend of arcade and casino-style play, a physical claw is used to attempt to place one of the prize balls in the collection bin, where (hopefully) a jackpot is unveiled. This lively and innovative take on a traditional slot machine captures the attention of all who encounter it.

Go Go Claw – Gold Bars: Showing for the first time at NIGA, Gold Bars, the new Go Go Claw theme is set to ‘wow’ players. Like Cash Grab, players use a joystick to maneuver the claw just right as to grasp a prize ball, now filled with gold bars, and move it to the collection bin to unveil a prize.  With Gold Bars, casino players have a blast while going for gold!

Fu Jin Shu: An exclusive title for one of Aruze’s most dramatic and attention-grabbing cabinet and signage packages, the Muso Dragon, Fu Jin Shu features a continuously flowering money tree that sprouts gold coins that could make players rich.  The beautiful graphics of this fortune-filled slot title are the perfect complement to the golden dragons that gracefully adorn the glowing signage.  Legend says these majestic creatures bring luck to all who play.

Lucky Roulette: Continuing to elevate the fun, this fan favorite, “hybrid roulette” combines classic mechanical elements with state-of-the-art projection mapping technology. The HD projector displays high resolution graphics of the roulette wheel onto the large, spinning mechanical wheel. Interactive graphics track the spinning physical ball, punctuated by a variety of fantastically changing game scenes designed to up level the player experience. Players bring their friends to enjoy this interactive game and its exciting Jackpot chance bonus. The extra-large spinning wheel further adds to the player engagement. The hybrid virtual and physical take on this beloved game continues to dazzle casino-goers everywhere.

While at NIGA, don’t miss Aruze Gaming’s Director of Gaming Operations, Lon O’Donnell, speaking on a panel about the evolution and future of table games, bringing Aruze’s unique perspective on the gaming experience of the future.

To learn more about Aruze’s gaming cabinets and the game titles featured at NIGA, visit:

About Aruze Gaming America

Aruze Gaming America is a leading global entertainment company that designs, develops, and manufactures high-quality, inventive, and engaging gambling entertainment solutions for the global casino market.  Utilizing the latest technologies and designs, executed specifically with the player in mind, Aruze delivers on the promises of fun, innovation, and quality. Aruze’s hybrid-style table games provide innovative takes on traditional favorites, such as Roll to Win Craps and GoGo Claw. Founded in 1983, Aruze is committed to providing exceptional service, high-performing slot themes and gambling solutions for its customers and partners. Operating in nearly 40 countries, the company is licensed in more than 200 gaming jurisdictions. For further information, visit the company’s website at


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Alissa Bushnell

104 West Partners for Aruze Gaming

Aruze Gaming, SL Investments Inc., and Kylin Corporation SAC join together at the 2019 Peru Gaming Show

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA (June 17, 2019) – Aruze Gaming America, Inc. along with SL investments Inc. and Kylin Corporation SAC, has chosen 2019’s Peru Gaming Show (PGS) to present to present several of their award-winning and top-performing cabinets and game titles, emphasizing the companies’ commitment to the Latin America market.

Aruze games will be in booth #41 displaying striking innovations that help Latin America operators reach a broad range of customers. The all-star lineup includes the GGB Gaming & Technology gold medal winner for Best Slot Product – the Muso Triple-27, the Cube-X Vertical, and the Cube-X Video cabinets. On display will be the Cube-X Vertical 40 and its top-performing game titles Wheel of Prosperity Dragon and Wheel of Prosperity Phoenix, which according to a recent independent industry report average approximately 2.5x theoretical net win vs house average. The Cube-X Video will display the Wheels Go Round series, which has averaged 1.8x theoretical net win vs house average, according to the same industry performance report.

“We are very excited to be at the Peru Gaming Show to showcase these highly successful and award-winning products into Latin America. Aruze, along with SL Investments Inc. and Kylin Corporation SAC, are pleased to present these innovative games and cabinets to our current and future valued customers in LATAM,” said Michael Snyder, V.P. & General Manager Latin America and Caribbean.

“The wide-range of innovative cabinets and top-performing game titles will be a great addition to our clients’ gaming establishments. We are extremely proud to bring these proven products to the Latin America market and deliver incremental value through our products, services, and incredible partnerships.”

The Muso Triple-27 took first place in a recent America’s Top-Indexing Report (based on Theoretic Win) earning the top position. Its cutting-edge interface on three large 27-inch monitors delivers breathtakingly clear graphics and rich depth. Focused on the customer experience, the Muso Triple-27 provides a powerful high-performance audio sound system as well as being the first slot machine equipped with a wireless charger for customer convenience.

Also being launched in the Latin America market is the Cube-X Vertical cabinet, featuring an amazing 42-inch HD monitor, incredible sound system, and high-performance touch panels to immerse the players in exciting game play. The Cube-X Vertical cabinet comes with a 23-inch customized topper with LED effects to compliment the cabinet lighting.

“We have a wide range of product price points to fit almost every budget,” stated Arleth Godinez, Director of Sales of Latin America and Caribbean.

“In addition to our premium Muso products, we have a great selection of new and used products available to our clients. We invite everyone to stop by our booth to discuss the various options and see what exciting opportunities we can create together for their gaming establishments.”

Discover these top-performing and innovative gaming solutions in Aruze’s booth #41 at the Peru Gaming Show.

Aruze Gaming America, Inc. and Aruze Gaming Ltd. (Hong Kong) Announces the Resignation of Mr. Takahiro Usui, Chairman of the Board and CEO

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA (June 6, 2019) – Aruze Gaming America, Inc. and Aruze Gaming Ltd. (Hong Kong) (“Aruze” or “the company”) today announced that Mr. Takahiro Usui has notified the Board of his intention to resign as Chairman of the Board and CEO on June 30, 2019, citing personal reasons. During Mr. Usui’s 14-year tenure at Aruze, he played an instrumental role in maintaining and advancing Aruze’s position and reputation as a leading innovator in the gaming industry. “The Aruze Board of Directors collectively would like to thank Takahiro for his incredible efforts and accomplishments while at Aruze and we wish him well in all his future endeavors”, says Rich Pennington, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors.

“Each of us on the Board of Directors, as well as many within the company, look forward to a continued personal relationship with him as he is a great friend to all of us.”

Additionally, Aruze’s Board of Directors announces the promotion of Mr. Masumi Fujisawa, Aruze’s current Vice President of Product Development, to the position of Chairman of the Board and Chief Technology Officer. “This promotion reflects the company’s belief that success in the gaming industry is driven by distinctive products that outperform those of the competition” stated Rob Ziems, President/Global Chief Legal Office, Secretary, and Member of the Board of Directors. “Masumi’s leadership and product innovation contributions to Aruze have resulted in Aruze winning top slot product awards as well as having four of the top 25 performing games in a recent game performance analysis in a US publication. His continued leadership in the new roles will ensure the company continues to excel in the global gaming marketplace.”

Aruze announces the promotion of its Group CFO/CSO, Mr. Yugo Kinoshita to the position of Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Kinoshita will remain a Member of the Board of Directors. Mr. Kinoshita, a proven executive in the gaming industry, has been with Aruze since 2012, serving as SVP of Corporate Strategy and Group COO. Prior to working with Aruze, Mr. Kinoshita worked with organizations such as Nike Japan and Albirex Singapore, Pte Ltd. Mr. Kinoshita brings a strong background in marketing and product management and earned an MBA in Management from Babson College. “It is with great honor that I accept the role of Aruze’s new Chief Executive Officer. I am excited for the future of the company and look forward to continuing the momentum of success that the organization is currently experiencing,” said Mr. Kinoshita.

Finally, the Board of Directors is proud to welcome Ms. Hiromi Okada as a Member of the Board of Directors for Aruze. “We are pleased Ms. Okada has accepted a position on the Board of Directors. She will add a fresh perspective and balance that every board needs to stay in front of the innovation curve” stated Mr. Fujisawa, Aruze’s new Chairman of the Board.


Seminole Tribe of Florida Collaborates with Aruze Gaming for the First Placements of Lucky Roulette

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA (May 30, 2019) – Aruze Gaming (“Aruze”) is pleased to partner with Seminole Tribe of Florida to launch North America’s first installations of Lucky Roulette. The first two installs will be going into Seminole Casino Coconut Creek and Seminole Casino Hollywood Hard Rock.

As a market leader in Electronic Table Games (“ETG”) Aruze continues to develop products that incorporate highly interactive features and bonuses.  Lucky Roulette is an immersive new roulette game that features an automated wheel with dynamic projection imaging. This unique roulette game offers a three-dimensional visual experience that combines the appeal of a traditional physical roulette wheel and ball with interactive graphics to heighten player anticipation and enjoyment. Lucky Roulette also offers a Jackpot Chance side bet that is unique to ETG roulette. 

Josh Collins, Vice President of Sales for Aruze Gaming America states, “We are thrilled to launch Lucky Roulette with the Seminoles.  They have been a great partner and a launch at a property of this caliber is a great way to kick off what we expect to be many installs in the coming months.“

 Juan Martinez, Vice President of Gaming Operations, “We believe our players will be both excited and responsive to Lucky Roulette based on our experience with Aruze’s other ETGs. Just like with our continued property expansions, we are always looking for new ways to bring excitement and energy to both our guests and our properties.”



About Seminole Tribe of Florida

In addition to its two Seminole Hard Rock Hotels & Casinos, the Seminole Tribe owns and operates the four Seminole Casinos; in Coconut Creek and Hollywood on the Southeast coast in Immokalee near Naples and on the Brighton Reservation north of Lake Okeechobee.

The Seminole Tribe has long been recognized for innovation in its gaming and other businesses. It opened the first high-stakes bingo hall and casino in the United States in 1979. That facility was the forerunner of the Indian Gaming movement throughout North America.

Kazuo Okada to Exhaust All Legal Remedies After Court Rejects Motion to Quash Warrant

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA (May 20, 2019) – Casino mogul Kazuo Okada and Tiger Resort Leisure and Entertainment Inc. (TRLEI) chief operating officer Takahiro Usui vowed to exhaust all legal remedies after the Paranaque City Regional Trial Court Branch 257 upheld the issuance of warrants of arrests against them.

Earlier, Okada and Usui filed a Motion to Quash or Recall Warrants of Arrest before the Paranaque RTC 257 on January 7, 2019, in connection with the three counts of estafa filed by TRLEI against them, which they vehemently denied.

However, the RTC denied their motion on May 6, 2019, despite the evidence submitted by Okada and Usui, including documents establishing that TRLEI duly authorized the disbursements of around $3 million to Okada as compensation.

Okada and Usui contend that it was impossible for them to commit estafa, especially for Okada who was effectively in full control of the company when the alleged payments happened on April 30, May 9 and 30, 2017.

Also, Okada and Usui maintained that the Court and TRLEI recognized Mr. Okada’s valuable contributions and services as Chairman and CEO, and his salaries and fees were even processed, approved and signed by the proper officers of TRLEI, the operator of Okada Manila.

Mr. Okada firmly believes he had the sole right to authorize or ratify matters pertaining to TRLEI, including the compensation of the corporation’s directors which was determined by the corporation’s stockholders according to company law. In short, Mr. Okada argues that he had the power to authorize the payment of compensation to directors. That power was given to him by the Board of Directors of UEC, as Mr. Okada is responsible for the investment of more than US$2 billion in Okada Manila, which bears his name.

It is therefore far-fetched to believe that Mr. Okada could or would defraud, or conspire to defraud, his own company for US$3 million.

Mr. Okada and Mr. Usui will vigorously defend themselves against these baseless accusations and shall continue to avail themselves of legal remedies by first filing a Motion for Reconsideration, and if it is denied, a Petition for Certiorari with the Court of Appeals of the Philippines.

ICAC Releases Mr. Okada from Bail Without any Conditions Whatsoever

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA (February 22, 2019) – On Friday, February 22, 2019, Hong Kong’s Independent Commission Against Corruption (“ICAC”) resolved that Mr. Okada be released from bail without any conditions.  He is no longer required to report to the ICAC and his bail money was returned to him without any conditions whatsoever.

Mr. Okada was arrested by the ICAC in August of 2018 as the result of Universal Entertainment Corporation (“UEC”) and its senior executives making statements to the ICAC.  He was detained based on ICAC’s authority granted under the ICAC Ordinance, which allows for an arrest even during the pendency of an investigation. Mr. Okada argues such statements are false, misleading, and malicious charges that were lodged with the intent to destroy Mr. Okada’s reputation and break up his family.

It is worth noting that UEC was quick to issue a press release announcing Mr. Okada’s arrest, but has made no announcement of Mr. Okada’s release from bail without any conditions.  These actions reflect a pattern of repeated attempts to discredit Mr. Okada.

In stark contrast, Mr. Okada, confident in his innocence, presented himself voluntarily to the ICAC as early as July 2018 to answer questions related to allegations against him concerning loans made by Tiger Resort Asia Limited (“TRAL”)  to a casino junket operator.  The loans in question allegedly occurred between February and March 2015.  At that time, Mr. Okada was the sole officer and representative director of TRAL and had complete authority and acted within his rights to make the loan. Significantly, documents also show that UEC in fact, despite its disavowal, “irrevocably agreed” and thus confirmed this loan. To make these allegations this years later, despite having agreed with the actions in question raises a lot of questions.

Despite the experience and the negative publicity generated by this event, Mr. Okada saw this matter with the ICAC as an opportunity to set the record straight regarding the false and malicious allegations made by UEC. The decision that he be released from bail without any conditions is a significant step in that direction.

Aruze Gaming Partners with Techno Gaming

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA (January 22, 2019) – Aruze Gaming (“Aruze”) is proud to announce as of January 22, 2019, the company entered into a partnership with Techno Gaming, an independent gaming distribution company based in Argentina. Techno Gaming will be the Exclusive Distributor for Aruze in Argentina and Uruguay and an Authorized Representative for Paraguay.

Rob Ziems, President of Aruze Gaming Americas stated, “We are excited for our new partnership with Techno Gaming and we are confident that they will assist us with our growth in Latin America.”

“Aruze is a well-recognized brand in the international gaming industry, mostly in Asia and North America. Aruze will now start expanding further into the Latin American market. I am proud and grateful for the opportunity given to Techno Gaming by Aruze, as we see great opportunities in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay for Aruze Products.  Our local Customers waited a long time for Aruze products. I am very enthusiastic and look forward to expanding the Aruze brand in the local market”, said Carlos Mautone, Founder and Sales Director of Techno Gaming.

Carlos Mautone´s career in the gaming industry spans for 25 years, including heading sales and distributing slot machines for other gaming companies in the past. For more information of Aruze´s Products in the Argentinean, Uruguayan and Paraguayan market, please contact Techno Gaming at +5411-5273-2220 or