Aruze Gaming Macau Ltd hopes that its Virtual Roulette product will be live on a gaming floor in Macau before the end of the year.

Virtual Roulette does not have a moving wheel. Instead, graphics are projected onto a static one, creating the illusion of a spinning wheel and ball, while a random number generator creates the winning numbers. The product was introduced to industry professionals last year.

“I think our Virtual Roulette is more user friendly for the operators because they don’t have to deal with the issues of the mechanics of using a ball, the issue of air pressure to launch the ball, or the ball bouncing outside the wheel, or the wheel breaking down,” explains Albert Yu (pictured), assistant general manager for the firm.

He was speaking to GGRAsia at the Macao Gaming Show 2015 at the Venetian Macao.

“What we are showing here is the first [Virtual Roulette] unit [in the market] in Macau. We are hopeful you will see it [on a casino floor] before the end of this year,” said Mr Yu.

He added: “In fact all the gaming machines displayed on our booth at MGS – slot machines as well as this Virtual Roulette – are being sold. So this is excellent news for us.”

The Virtual Roulette product category offers a giant overhead display – animated by a projector – of a virtual roulette wheel, and two flat screen televisions. Together they give more information on the results that are recorded on the virtual wheel seen by the players at tableside.

“There’s one projector that shows the ball spin and the result [at tableside]; and then there are two additional projectors that project on the [overhead] screen at the same time – to increase the visibility… of the wheel spinning action,” said Mr Yu.

“The two television screens next to the overhead display show results, ‘trend’, and ‘hot’ numbers and jackpot values. So this is very good display especially for a customer [casino] with a long wall or a high wall on the casino floor. It can add energy to that area,” added the Aruze executive.

“We will see how the market here reacts to Virtual Roulette. I think it will be really good. Macau is a very special place and the ETG [electronic table game] acceptance levels are quite high here,” he stated, referring to the tastes of mass-market gamblers in Macau.

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