Aruze Gaming Previews New and Fan Favorite Games at NIGA 2022

Preview of Exciting Games from Aruze That Will Drive Unique Casino Gaming Experiences

LAS VEGAS — April 12, 2022 — Aruze Gaming America, Inc. (AGA), a leading developer of gambling entertainment solutions for the global casino market, today announced a preview of its new game lineup ahead of NIGA 2022. The lineup features new titles & new gaming experiences, along with some of Aruze’s most popular, fan favorite games.

Aruze’s gaming innovation focuses on drawing in new players and keeping them engaged with fun and innovative takes on traditional classics like Go Go Claw and Lucky Roulette. Casinos need to continually offer a portfolio of games that offer a new experience, drawing on familiarity while also leveraging new technologies to create active gameplay and new playstyles.  Aruze’s extensive collection of compelling game titles provides fun for everyone.

“We are excited about the games we’re featuring at NIGA this year, as they show our commitment to player experiences that engage and excite while bringing our operators the reliability and trust that is synonymous with Aruze,” said Rob Zeims, President, Aruze Gaming America. 

Aruze game titles to be featured at NIGA 2022 include:

Go Go Claw – Cash Grab: Part of Aruze’s Active Play game line, Go Go Claw, Cash Grab reimagines the player’s casino experience. In this unexpected blend of arcade and casino-style play, a physical claw is used to attempt to place one of the prize balls in the collection bin, where (hopefully) a jackpot is unveiled. This lively and innovative take on a traditional slot machine captures the attention of all who encounter it.

Go Go Claw – Gold Bars: Showing for the first time at NIGA, Gold Bars, the new Go Go Claw theme is set to ‘wow’ players. Like Cash Grab, players use a joystick to maneuver the claw just right as to grasp a prize ball, now filled with gold bars, and move it to the collection bin to unveil a prize.  With Gold Bars, casino players have a blast while going for gold!

Fu Jin Shu: An exclusive title for one of Aruze’s most dramatic and attention-grabbing cabinet and signage packages, the Muso Dragon, Fu Jin Shu features a continuously flowering money tree that sprouts gold coins that could make players rich.  The beautiful graphics of this fortune-filled slot title are the perfect complement to the golden dragons that gracefully adorn the glowing signage.  Legend says these majestic creatures bring luck to all who play.

Lucky Roulette: Continuing to elevate the fun, this fan favorite, “hybrid roulette” combines classic mechanical elements with state-of-the-art projection mapping technology. The HD projector displays high resolution graphics of the roulette wheel onto the large, spinning mechanical wheel. Interactive graphics track the spinning physical ball, punctuated by a variety of fantastically changing game scenes designed to up level the player experience. Players bring their friends to enjoy this interactive game and its exciting Jackpot chance bonus. The extra-large spinning wheel further adds to the player engagement. The hybrid virtual and physical take on this beloved game continues to dazzle casino-goers everywhere.

While at NIGA, don’t miss Aruze Gaming’s Director of Gaming Operations, Lon O’Donnell, speaking on a panel about the evolution and future of table games, bringing Aruze’s unique perspective on the gaming experience of the future.

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Aruze Gaming America is a leading global entertainment company that designs, develops, and manufactures high-quality, inventive, and engaging gambling entertainment solutions for the global casino market.  Utilizing the latest technologies and designs, executed specifically with the player in mind, Aruze delivers on the promises of fun, innovation, and quality. Aruze’s hybrid-style table games provide innovative takes on traditional favorites, such as Roll to Win Craps and GoGo Claw. Founded in 1983, Aruze is committed to providing exceptional service, high-performing slot themes and gambling solutions for its customers and partners. Operating in nearly 40 countries, the company is licensed in more than 200 gaming jurisdictions. For further information, visit the company’s website at


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