Aruze Gaming Enters Pennsylvania Gaming Market with Placements at Rivers Casino

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA (November 16, 2020) – Aruze Gaming America, Inc. (“Aruze”) announced today that its first slot games went live at Rivers Casino in Philadelphia.

Vice President of Sales Josh Collins said “We are thrilled to enter the Pennsylvania market, and Rivers Casino is a fantastic location for this launch to take place. “

The award-winning MusoTM cabinet line is the focus for the initial launch for Aruze. Jack’s Haunted WinsTM and Jack’s Winning SpellTM are the launch titles appearing on Aruze’s MusoTM Triple-27 Hybrid cabinet.  Also making their Pennsylvania debut are Wheel of Prosperity DragonTM and Wheel of Prosperity PhoenixTM, both on the MusoTM Curve-43 Hybird cabinet.

Judd Boyer, Director of Slot Operations at Rivers Casino said “We are very excited to be the first in Pennsylvania to bring Aruze’s games to our players. The unique game play and innovation Aruze brings to all their products is something we know will resonate with our players.”

The Aruze cabinets are arranged in a pod formation, with the “Reflection” package. This packaging option not only allows for built-in social distancing between players, but also reflects out the lighting integrated into the back spine of the Muso cabinets.

Aruze will continue to roll-out its games across the multiple casino, casino-resort and racetrack venues throughout Pennsylvania.